About us

Supramobili was born and established in Edinburgh in 2017. We are passionate about interior decoration and we are convinced that any space could be refreshed entirely just by selecting the right furniture. But we are not talking about any kind of furniture; at Supramobili we consider quality to be as important as design when talking furniture. That is why we offer expertly curated mid-century designs alongside with emerging partner brands including ours.



Supramobili Designs

We also produce handmade furniture using the most exotic wood range in the market as Zebrano, Rosewood and walnut.

We always try to choose the best quality materials without compromising our ethical responsibility with the planet. This all sounds a bit rich coming from a furniture company, whose existence – by definition – depends on the gift of trees. However, the timber used in the making of the product is sourced from regulated and commercially planted sources and is fully certified with regard to the relevant responsible forestry laws.

Mid-century Designs

We supply an exclusive range of Mid-Century-Modern Style Statement Pieces for those home and office spaces looking for a vintage but stylish feel.

We try to pay tribute to all those talented designers and brands We offer furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s.  We normally stock items from names such as Niels Moller, Kai Kristiansen, Mcintosh, Arne Vodder, Troeds, Younger among others.


Partnering brands

We also offer a selected group of emerging brands that have the same passion about furniture design like us:


Spalli integrates a relentless commitment to sustainability with the highest level of solid woodworking artisanship and innovative state of the art machinery, to create impeccable sustainable products, unique in their originality and complexity.  Environmental performance has been at the pinnacle of Spalli's birth and has been integrated into our growth strategy, along with quality obsession, innovation and creativity,

We take a radical commitment to sustainability and we're proving that you don't have to compromise on style to be on a sustainable path.

It doesn't only look good, but it feels good from the inside out.


We produce for those that appreciate the rigorous process required for high-quality manufacturing and renewable resources. Our pieces are crafted in small production runs, as we strive to maintain the artistry and grace in traditional high-quality craftsmanship at a viable human scale with ethical methods of production.



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